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Month: December 2015

DigitalCube Highlights of the Year 2015

89 WordPress Plugins

We truly enjoy developing WordPress plugins ‘cos the more plugins we do, the more knowledge we gain, the better fun we have, and our bond with our team members and WordPress become more profound. This is our Plugins Stats now, and counting!

4 WordPress Themes

There are now 4 WordPress Themes created by our DigitalCube members such as Nu2013, Kiyomizu, Konnichi An and Ginkaku – all of which are closely related to Japanese culture and traditions.


This 2015, we’ve sponsored 4 WordCamps:

Our team members also helped organize some WordCamps, while some of us spoke in some of them. Now the DigitalCube team has a total of 66 WordCamp talks. These sessions in 2015 were in:

  • WordCamp Brisbane
  • WordCamp Kansai
  • WordCamp Tokyo
  • WordCamp Krakow

AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services Hands-on & Meetups

AMIMOTO: WordPress + AWS Hands-on and meetups started in Japan. February 2015 was the beginning of AMIMOTO global workshops:

  • February: 1st international AMIMOTO Hands-on in Singapore
  • July: 1st WordPress + AWS meetup in Kobe
  • September: AMIMOTO Hands-on at WordCamp Krakow Contributor Day
  • September: 2nd WordPress + AWS meetup in Kobe
  • October: 2nd AMIMOTO Hands-on in Singapore
  • December: WordPress + AWS & Kansai WooCommerce Joint meetup & Christmas Party
  • December: AMIMOTO Hands-on in Manila, Philippines
  • December: AMIMOTO Hands-on at the University of the Philippines Los Baños

DigitalCube 2015 Products, Services & Updates

Other Highlights

  • 3D Space Wapuu authored by Takayuki Miyauchi was unveiled at the AMIMOTO sponsor booth in WordCamp US. It lets you view all your favorite Wapuus in 3D. The Space Wapuu mascot was designed by our team member, Matt Pilarski.

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2015 was a great ride!
From all of us here at DigitalCube, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! We look forward to a great 2016 with all of you!

New Year Holiday Announcement

To our dear clients and business partners:

The year-end holiday is around the corner and please be guided that we will be observing the New Year holiday on the following dates:
26 December 2015 to 04 January 2016
We apologize for any inconvenience, as our offices will be closed on these dates.

Business Resumption
We will resume business as usual starting 05 January 2015 from 10:00AM onwards.

1. Inquiries, Messages, Application and Subscription to Products and Services:
We will be able to accept phone, fax, mail and contact form inquiries until 14:00PM of 25 December 2015. We will respond to your inquiry on the same day when these inquiries are received on or before 14:00PM. After this time, we will respond on 5 January 2016 from 10:00AM onwards.

Overly Cute Space Wapuu to Brighten the Weekend at WordCamp US

Who’s your favorite Wapuu?

1. Is it this Manchester Wapuu that stings your heart with its cuteness?

2. Or this Matsuri Wapuu that keeps your festival spirit up?

3. Or maybe this fluffy WordCamp Berlin Wapuu that makes your heart explode?

It’s really difficult to decide, especially when they’re all so cute!

Adding up to the cuteness is Space Wapuu,
your new buddy in space!

In October 2015, Takayuki Miyauchi unveiled Space Wapuu in his talk at WordCamp Tokyo English Session.

Space Wapuu is a three.js-based Wapuu Gallery. It lets you view all kinds of Wapuu you can ever imagine!

It’s also GPLv2-licensed to give you more fun in your space adventure.

This weekend, AMIMOTO is sponsoring WordCamp US 2015!
And we’re giving away cardboard viewer in our booth for everyone to enjoy!

See all your favorite Wapuus in 3D with
AMIMOTO cardboard viewer giveaway!

Let’s save the world and catch all the Wapuu released in the galaxy!

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