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Month: November 2015 (page 1 of 2)

Part 2: WCTokyo 2015 English Session Summary

 WordPress & Security

Daisuke Takahashi is a Systems Information Science freshman student of Future University Hakodate.
He’s the lead organizer of Google Developer Group Hokkaido (Android & Polymer) and WordPress core contributor.

Daisuke is an Information Security specialist and he’s done a lot of developments with SELinux and YubiKey (FIDO U2F). He talked about WordPress 4.4 and security.

What’s new in 4.4?


He demonstrated 2FA using YubiKey.
By default, a 5-digit code is sent via email or phone call. And this 5 digits code may be extended.
According to Daisuke, “if you’re using Chrome, YubiKey is easier than time-based authentication.”

WordPress + Docker – Reusable WordPress Development Environments

Jordan West is in charge of the Javascript things in Automattic and he’s been living in Japan for nearly a year.

Q & A Session

Mika Epstein has been using WordPress for 9 years. She writes and reviews plugins and helps in the WordPress forums.

“The WordPress forum is the easiest way to learn WordPress, especially for those who cannot code.”

Understanding who to write the code for makes your code better.

There are 6 people reviewing plugins where each one of them review about 10 plugins a day.

Plugin review takes about 5 – 10 minutes. Security is the top priority, so the review team read all the codes and make sure there are no errors.

With 30 plugins submitted per day, only half are approved.

Q: What are the key points in creating a plugin?

  • Make sure not to spam
  • Protect users
  • Take a plugin and learn from it

Q: When’s the least plugin submission?

Q: Why are plugins rejected?
The plugin includes its own jQuery.

Q: To submit a WordPress plugin, what do developers have to prepare?

You can also check it in the readme validator.

Q: What skills does a developer need to have?
“Patience, logical thinking and knows how basic code works.”

Q: Do you use any tools for scriptwriting?
“No. I download zips and open them in Poedit and find the main file / readme. Is there anything I see that is not GPL? Because many Javascripts are not GPL compatible.”

“You cannot automate to find out what’s wrong,” she continued. If she sees something that is not GPL compatible, she will ask the author(s) to change it, or ask them to change the license because all codes on WordPress should be readable and can be edited by others.

Q: As a curator plugins, what areas (good for development) are lacking at the moment?
There are plugins still lacking in eCommerce to connect with multiple stores.

“Stores and many physical locations want WordPress to control that; there are no plugins to do your “inventory”, but this is not a good way to start writing a plugin.”

Part 1: WCTokyo 2015 English Session Summary

English Session / Q&A Moderator Toru Miki said,

This is the first English session in WordCamp Tokyo history.

In 2005, Toru started using WordPress. For a span of 10 years, he’s done many incredible things like creating themes, blogs, sites and contributing to Codex and the WordPress core.
He’s also active in the community. He helps organize WordCamps, local meetups and speaks in these events.

Toru introduced the Japanese WordPress community.
It’s lovely to see how much the community grew from the time it all began:

Japan’s local WordPress meetup group is WordBench, which happens in different cities.

One WordBench meetup (that will make you hungry) is WordCrab. WordCrab happens in Fukui prefecture, where crab is super abundant:

It’s held every winter, and it’s one of the many “べんきようかい” benkyou kai or WordPress study sessions in Japan.

Why We Should Choose Free Plugins

Contact Form 7 plugin author, Takayuki Miyoshi talked about the most important reasons why we should choose free plugins.

There are two kinds of plugins: free or paid / premium. Free plugins have bigger benefits because:

  • they are of higher quality
  • and they are good for our community

Free plugins are of higher quality because only paying customers can access paid plugins and premium plugin authors can’t get enough feedback.
Feedback has a huge role in developers’ growth and learning.

Why are free plugins good for the community?

  • Developers can learn from other developers’ code
  • The more (good) codes are available, the better our developers become.
  • Premium plugins have paywall.
  • Free plugins help good developers grow.

If good plugin developers don’t grow, the WordPress community will be weakened.

Supporting free plugins come in many ways like using them, donating to authors, translating and even developing your own free plugins.

I ♥ Automation

Takayuki Miyauchi is the creator of VCCW, a Vagrant-based development environment for WordPress.
He is also a WordPress plugin developer (now he has 33 plugins) and backend engineer.
He likes contributing to the WordPress core and other open source projects like VVV and WP-CLI.


Space Wapuu

Recently, he created, which is a three.js-based Wapuu Gallery that works well in Google Cardboard.

It’s under GPLv2 license and it’s on GitHub as well where you can contribute and/or see how it’s built.


WordPress Instant Setup on Github includes WordPress development environment with PHP built-in web server + WP-CLI.

Ajenti Server Admin Panel 1 with Ajenti-V Powered by AMIAGE

This November has gotten even more exciting!

We’ve  just released Ajenti Server Admin Panel 1 with Ajenti-V Powered by AMIAGE!

Ajenti is a web admin panel on Linux and BSD that’s easy and quick to install.
Supporting PHP (PHP-FPM), Python (WSGI), Ruby (Puma and Unicorn) and Node.js, it also works on your current system configuration, so there’s no set up needed.

With CLI interface, control, deployment and CI integration become easier. Available in all devices, Ajenti can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

OS Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 14
Version Ajenti 1.2.23 & Ajenti-V 0.2.53
Subscription Hourly / Annual
FREE Trial 14 days



  • Ajenti web admin panel is easy to install and supports PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js.
  • Ajenti works on your current system configuration, so there’s no set up needed.
  • With CLI interface, control, deployment, and CI integration becomes easier.
  • Available in 9 Global Regions.
  • Similar hourly and annual rates for any instance size.
  • Free Trial available for 14 days.


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