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Month: September 2015 (page 1 of 2)

2nd WordPress + AWS Meetup: Kansai

Tonight is the 2nd Kansai meetup of WordPress + AWS Group! Join us!

Our meetup will be in DEP Kobe from 19:30 – 21:00 p.m.

From JR Motomachi Station, DEP Kobe is only 3-5 minutes by foot. It’s located at the 4th floor of Mitsuboshi Building (〒650-0021 兵庫県神戸市中央区三宮町3-1-16 三星ビル4階南室), which is across Daimaru.

View the walk route here.

The talks tonight will cover general/beginner, intermediate and advanced topics related to WordPress, AWS or both.

1940H: Let’s introduce ourselves & welcome new members

1950H: “Why Contributing to WordPress is Important to Your Business”
Kel Santiago

2010H: “Options for Multilingual WordPress Websites”
Karen Ellrick

2035H: “Introduction of JSON-LD and Feature Web Development”
Hidetaka Okamoto

See the talks from our first meetup in July: WordPress on AWS Meeetup: Talks

This event is free, however, a fee of 500¥/person is required for the event space.

After the talks at 21:00 p.m., we’ll head on for the afterparty!

Mautic Powered by AMIAGE 1.2 Release

Mautic is a marketing automation software that is customizable for your personal or business needs.

It allows users to create campaigns through social, web or email to track customer engagement patterns. Mautic can also be integrated with third party email and social tools.


This September, Mautic won the 2015 best open source software awards. They also  released version 1.2 with four new features:

  • Monitored Email
  • Lead Tagging
  • Lead List
  • Webhooks


A few days ago, we at DigitalCube, released Mautic Powered by AMIAGE 1.2 at AWS Marketplace.


  • Automated marketing. Market with ease and efficiency with an automatic and customizable platform.
  • Tracking. Keep track of your leads, calendar and events to maintain organized schedule and tasks.
  • Data analysis report. Use the data gathered to improve your marketing technique.
  • Available in 9 Global Regions. Choose from N. Virginia, Oregon, N. California, Frankfurt, Ireland, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Sao Paulo!
  • Support. Our team will correspond to your inquiry by mail.
  • 14-Day Free Trial. Once your 14 days free trial expires, you can continue with an hourly or annual subscription.


Mautic Powered by AMIAGE User Guide 
Mautic Documentation

WordCamp Krakow 2015 Contributor Day: AMIMOTO WordPress + AWS

DigitalCube is Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner. We started in 2006 with only a couple of people with the same belief: “WordPress & open source will make the web a better place.”

Now, we’re composed of 15 members. Though we have different roles, we’re all WordPress Contributors.

Our main activities are WordPress Hosting, building WordPress sites, supporting WordPress enterprises, web consulting and more. Most of our projects are 99% WordPress.

Other things we enjoy creating are WordPress plugins. Currently, we have 86. Some members of our team like writing WordPress-related books and so far, 3 books were published.

We developed our own WordPress Development Environment, VCCW, which is a Vagrant-based environment that’s also great for collaboration.

We also like connecting with the community. We host events and meet-ups around Japan, Singapore and the third one’s here in Krakow.

Why WordPress & AWS?

WordPress is easy to use that’s why it has a lot of users and developers. One of the best things about it is the strong community, which is the foundation of WordPress.

We chose Amazon Web Services because of the infinite tools and raw blocks you can use. Another factor is the deployment speed. In a traditional deployment it takes 48 – 96 hours, while with Amazon Machine Image, you can deploy a machine that’s ready in minutes.

AWS also has a strong community. USA has the largest with 57 user groups, followed by Japan with 54 user groups.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 13.09.51 (2)
AMIMOTO is high performance WordPress Cloud Hosting on Amazon Web Services.

It’s a pre-configured OS & virtual app software that’s a combination of HHVM, Nginx & Reverse Proxy Cache, allowing users to control it with Nginx Cache Controller GUI (plugin).


Why AMIMOTO was created
  • to use WordPress on AWS more easily (because majority of our projects are based on them)
  • programmable infrastructure is ideal for us (instead of manually configuring infrastructure, you can write scripts to do it. Not only scripts, but you can also fully incorporate the configuration in your applications code.)
  • majority of our team are composed of engineers & developers, so we want an environment that is friendly for developers and that has a performance that pass the standards of our engineers.

The code is on GitHub, where some users saw that and asked us if we can help them launch this environment.

What started as a company tool became a tool for users of all tech levels.


AMIMOTO Highlights

Highly Scalable. AMIMOTO is a highly scalable WordPress hosting. With it, scaling up and down to meet traffic demands has become easier and cost-efficient.

User-friendly. WordPress is famous for its 5-minute install, while AMIMOTO is famous for its 3-minute install.

Friendly for beginners with the 1-click launch feature, and friendly for WordPress developers with WP-CLI and git.

High Performance. We’ve done a load test with AMIMOTO vs. Bitnami (also WordPress + AWS, normal install). The result of the test shows that AMIMOTO is 100x faster than normal install. The performance is also boosted with Nginx and HHVM.

Ninja Speed. Available in 9 Global data centers, uses WP Booster CDN plugin that’s already pre-installed. For media uploads, Amazon S3 is used that provides low-latency data storage infrastructure.

Other speed factors are performance tuning, Nginx and HHVM which is the highlight of the talk.


HHVM Performance Test

The first test is HHVM vs. php-fpm when Nginx reverse proxy cache is disabled.

  • as a load testing tool
  • Instance Type: c3.large
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Type: during the testing period, the number of clients increase from 0-300 (Maintain client load)

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 13.35.52 (2)

The number of clients are increasing for both AMIMOTO versions, and the response time is delayed steadily.

Based on the comparison, the response time is better and faster in AMIMOTO HHVM version.

At around 150-200 clients, php-fpm could not be measured until the end and 50x errors were received.

Though the response time is slower, HHVM is still operating until the end.

Another test we’ve performed is HHVM 3.6 vs. HHVM 3.9


Comparing the two, HHVM 3.9 response time improved by 20% and the total request processing increased by 50% .


Site Issues & Solutions by WordPress + Amazon Web Services


Mazda is one of the most trusted car brands in Japan and also one of the top users of AMIMOTO.

For their blog, sudden traffic increase is always unpredictable and it’s uncertain when this will happen.
Other users with the same issue sometimes end up with having too much or too little resources.

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud help sites be scalable and stops users from guessing how much resources they really need.

Large-scale media site like JPRIME experience unexpected peaks, scalability issues and high page views.

  • Autoscaling is for apps with stable or different usage patterns daily or weekly basis.

On high demand, it automatically increases the number of EC2 instances to maintain performance.

Huge enterprise sites such as Seiko Instruments Inc. has to be multisite, multilingual and needs to be high speed.

  • 1 AMIMOTO instance can have multiple WordPress installs.

For example, the smallest instance (t2.micro) can have 3 WordPress installs. The larger the instance, the higher the number of possible installs and Page Views capable.

With WordPress, multilingual plugins can be installed and for the issue of speed, there’s Nginx Cache Controller plugin for Nginx reverse proxy (for easy control on Nginx).

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 14.15.17 (2)

Big news sites like The Japan Times has thousands of articles, multiple authors and users.

Managing multiple users and assigning access levels and capabilities to each user is possible with WordPress.

When a post is published, there could be a sudden traffic surge and with the number of contents, it could slow down the site. Using WP Booster CDN, it helps improve speed for better user experience.



 To show some examples, here are some instance types. In the section of “Recommended WordPress Installs”, this vary depending on the number of your installed themes or plugins.

“PV / month” shows an estimate number, while Elastic Block Store (EBS) is the storage for EC2 instances.

T2 instances are for workloads that don’t use the full CPU often or consistently. It’s suited for general purpose workloads, like web servers, development environments, small databases, including blogs, company, enterprise or organization sites.

For compute-bound applications, c4 instances are suitable for this, including batch processing workloads, high traffic web servers & high performance computing (HPC).

It’s for large-scale media sites, advertisement sites, server for multiplayer online gaming


Other things you can do with AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services

For apps with stable of different daily or weekly usage, Autoscaling is an ideal tool.

On high demand, it automatically increases the number of EC2 instances to maintain performance.

On the bright side, Automatic Recovery is there for instances that suddenly died. So even you’re using only 1 instance and it’s broken, recovering is convenient.

Machine Learning

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 15.36.33
Machine Learning discover patterns in data and make models using these discoveries. Then you can use the models to make predictions on future data.

It’s helpful for businesses since it helps predict the percentage of a customer buying a product based on their past behavior.

It will also aid in determining the chance of what category of products are the most interesting to your customers, and how many units will sell for a particular product.

With AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services, you can do many things!


Try WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO HHVM free for 14 days. Here’s how:

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