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Month: January 2015 (page 1 of 4)

The Jedi Masters of Collaboration

“…but one of the things I’m excited to announce and THIS IS happening as of today. Is that for the first time we’re gonna experiment in eleven years. We’re not using IRC as our primary communication method. We’re gonna try a little tool from a company here in San Francisco called Slack.

Actually, Automattic’s been using Slack entirely for a few months and it’s been transformative for the company.”

A few minutes later there were already more people there than in the IRC.

Three months have passed since this announcement at WCSF14 State of the Word, and the number of channels are growing. Like previously, chats on WordCamps were discussed in the polyglots channel, but now it just has something on its own (events).

There are many fun things you can learn there and you’ll also be updated of what’s going on with WordPress and the folks behind it.


Photo credit: Stéfan

Yesterday Screenhero announced in their blog that they’ve joined Slack:

Slack and Screenhero are both changing the way teams work together, which is why joining forces made so much sense to us.

One of the coolest things is that collaboration tools collaborate with each other too! It’s as if we’re Bowman, and Slack is our HAL 9000.

A mail from Screenhero says, “Screenhero is free for all existing users. Signups for new accounts, however, have been limited to: paid users of Slack, and people invited by existing Screenhero users. “

When asked whether we will have Screenhero features on WordPress Slack, “nothing will change” according to Screenhero support team. Perhaps there will be some updates on this in the future, as it would be so much cooler to share screens and do more things together on WordPress Slack.


Photo credit: Stéfan

Leland Fiegel’s WPChat is also a great hangout place for… you’ve guessed it — of course, chats on anything WordPress, yo!

It’s been around for five months now, and things get pretty interesting there. A few days ago they had Justin Tadlock to have the first shot on AMA (Ask Me Anything). It was a great one, and so it will be followed by Tom McFarlin AMA on the 23rd of February. 

When you answer another person’s question, it’s a form of collaboration too! And places for these include forums,  WordPress StackExchange and Reddit, etc.

If you’re the type who enjoys reading, chatting, learning and alike, then give these a try. On top of that, if you’re into collaboration, well then you definitely have to check them out.

When you walk alone, you’ll be extinct. Life is not a solo act, but a band. It’s a cosmic collaboration and collaboration is the best way to work. You’re surrounded by people with an open box of skills to offer across the screen.


Code is Deterministic, But Software & People Aren’t.

This post is the summary of yesterday’s interview of kitchensinkWP host Adam Silver with Saxophone player slash WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg: 


Path to Creation of WP 

I guess it started with blogging. That’s how bloggers usually start, they start by reading blogs.” He used to read blogs then (and now as well), and he knew he could do the same, so Matt started hacking around B2. And for the love of photos, he used a different software to support his pictures since gallery isn’t supported in B2. And that’s the path to the creation of WordPress.

These days he claimed that he does not much have the opportunity to code, but that he is more now on the people side. On how people use things and how they interact and create and collaborate on things. He added, “code is deterministic, but software and people are non-deterministic”. 



“I dropped out to take a job.” He also admitted, “my mom wants me to go to Google”. But regardless of his decisions on career and non-career, his parents were always supportive.


Proudly Powered by WordPress 

Based on W3Techs today, January 27, 2015, of all the sites in world, 23.3% runs on WordPress.

But how about aiming for 100%? Is this goal attainable?

Matt pointed out that WordPress to be 100% would be tough, but the next goal is the majority of websites, and achieving 50% and higher is truly a lot of work between now and then.


As the percentage increases, it becomes harder to grow in market share, and they have to grow the market share. The formula is to go for things they’ve not done in the past:

  • integrate with social networks
  • see how WordPress works on touch devices, which according to Matt “is going to be the predominance computing platform of the future. “


In Matt’s WCSF State of the Word, he reported that installations are higher outside the U.S. And since then, a lot have been wondering if the number of installs has a connection to its mission.

“There’s an inherent goodness to the transparency and the ability of people to publish.”

He added that it’s nice to provide people that voice and the equal ability and access the web, and that you are one click away from a billions of people. And WordPress is the tool for that.

With “Democratize Publishing” as the ultimate mission of WordPress, anyone can see immediately the benefits and there is no doubt that installations go up, especially with  this freedom it gives to people everywhere in the world.


Automattic Aspect of Things 

It’s completely distributed and it’s working great. Matt thinks that “it’s the future of work, like all companies will look more like Automattic in the future.”

And that the style of work they have is “the biggest opportunity for any new company.” He also added,

“…if you can be truly distributed, you have access to all the world’s talents and it’s not true that the smartest people are just in Silicon Valley or just coming out of a handful of colleges. With the access to learning materials and open source projects and everything. All that’s really limiting people is their curiosity and drive.”

We have curious and driven people – could be any country, any place in the world from any background. They now have the access to be incredible and be great programmers, great designers, great anything. And they’re ignored and marginalized by these more traditional companies, and they might not even have anything in their city or country (that’s a company where they can use these skills). So us, Github, a few other companies are starting to really take advantage of this geographical arbitrage and say, ‘let’s get the smartest people in the world no matter where they are.’ “

Podcast host Adams Silver thought that the idea behind this might have something to do with the age of folks running their own companies, that it might make sense to Matt since he is younger.

But Matt’s idea is that “we don’t have to be at the same place. We don’t have to bring people there and move their families.”

If you explore deeper into this idea, it is indeed true that when companies operate like this, you tend to limit yourself to people who are within your company’s country, but if you want to reach out to more people, to have more brains and hands, then being distributed is the way to go.

And I thought here at the end, I will leave this parting quote from Matt:

“When you are growing quickly, it’s always a learning process. You always have to be reinventing yourself.”

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Official Launch: Media Assembly Kit

We believe anyone has the right to have beautiful websites.

Today we are officially adding Media Assembly Kit to our collection of services launched this January 2015.

Media Assembly Kit is a premium theme developed for easy customization of your sites.  Whether you’re using PC or mobile, you can design it smartly and beautifully.

Clean lines, crisp colors, clear images, etc. Have fun personalizing it the way you want it.

Get more in control of your site’s business aspect and social side with custom settings to suit any style and taste.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 15.33.50

This four-in-one kit comes with: WordPress, Amimoto AMI managed hosting services, Media Framework and Technical Support. JSON template and recommended plugins are also included.


Amimoto AMI Managed Hosting 

We anticipate the needs and wants of our clients, so we’ve developed Amimoto AMI to be your secure, speedy and highly reliable WordPress host.

So if you have a super large site, no worries! Let our Amimoto AMI managed hosting service handle that for you.


Media Assembly Kit Top Features 

  • Media Assembly Kit comes with WordPress JSON REST API. This little beauty lets you deploy contents to native apps or other platforms flexibly.
  • Contents obtained by Ajax are cached in Nginx Reverse Proxy Cache
  • Theme switching: The theme will be switched when you use a PC or smartphone
  • Assign multiple editors and writers with WordPress management functions (PHP experience not required)
  • Manage Ads with Google AdSense for every UA
  • Google Analytics


Media Assembly Kit has four plans for you to choose from. Choose a plan that’s best for your needs starting with how many PV you get a month.

All plans has an optional service you may wish to add, Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service. Regardless of what plan you use, our technical support team will be by your side.

Easily organize and manage things that matter to you most with Media Assembly Kit. We’d love to talk to you, so feel free to drop us a message here. 

Media Assembly Kit Twitter and Facebook 

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