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Month: August 2014

Amazon Zocalo is now Available to All!

The release of Amazon Zocalo many weeks ago was the talk of the town. Its file sharing features and collaboration tools make it appealing to companies and teams of all sizes doing remote work.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.24.29


During its release, you can enjoy it free for 30 days with 200 GB storage per user. Zocalo’s limit is 50 users. However, it was at its “Limited Preview” back then so you had to fill out their form with your details and wait if you were granted the preview or not.

The good news today is we can enjoy Amazon  Zocalo! Limited Preview no more! It is now available to all.

Currently, it’s available to AWS Regions of N.Virginia, Oregon and Ireland, initially. We should watch out, as AWS will add more regions soon!

Check out more details about Zocalo on the AWS page

NINJAX – Nginx Enterprise Support Service

High Performance. Low Resource Usage.

Authored by Igor Sysoev, NGINX is one of the top-notch web servers that runs busiest sites like Facebook, WordPress and many more.

With impressive features like various applications improvement, language support, quality performance and its simplicity, it’s not surprising that sites (with heavy traffic) using NGINX increase dramatically.

Check out NGINX’s layout patterns here.


Digital Cube NGINX Support 


We will support your NGINX needs including:


We will assist the installation, migration from Apache to NGINX, layout design and management training.

Contact form for installation support


Consultation from our experts

Minimize the risk of NGINX management, reduce your time and money in solving your system issues.

Use this contact form for expert advice  

Our first-rate NINJAX engineers will take a look at your system issues and provide you with suggestions of the best possible way to improve your system framework.


Management & Maintenance 


Digital Cube has served a great deal of clients in and out of Japan and we can offer you practical advice for your NGINX.

You deserve to take advantage of all the features of NGINX and we are here for management and maintenance support for that smooth NGINX run.

For a superb maintenance service, contact us here.




With heavy traffic and increase in the number of users, the system may become unstable. Gone are the days when we stress out with NGINX performance tuning. Our team of specialists will make you utilize all the resources efficiently. With solid stability, you can sit back and enjoy NGINX and its performance.

NGINX Performance Support Contact Form 


The Bible of WordPress Plugin Development has Arrived!

All the way from Japan, “The Bible of WordPress Plugin Development” is here!

Authored by famous Japanese engineers & WordPress plugin developers, it’s no doubt that this is the book you want to read. Grab your copies now! 

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.42.41


About the Authors

If you happen to be in Thailand, meet up with Shinichi Nishikawa. An easygoing adventurer who lived in several countries, you can ask him anything about travel and WordPress. Take a tour on his page to know more about his WordPress stuff and how he mastered the tricky work-life balance.


Takayuki Miyauchi is definitely the guy you’d likely meet in diving spots anywhere in the world. When he’s not in the water, he is either developing WordPress plugins, drinking coconut shake under palm trees or playing with fun drones.

Check out Miyauchi’s cool page!


With over 19 million downloads of Contact Form 7, author Takayuki Miyoshi sure knows what he’s doing. Stroll around Fukuoka with this chap as he enlightens you with WordPress plugins and his fine taste for olives and exciting Japanese curry.

Click his page right here. 


Codes are surely complex, but Wataru Okamoto believes that “code is poetry.” Hang out with this gent on a Friday night (or any night) and you’ll learn all sorts of plugins while enjoying a good brew. Sounds good? Then let’s do the “kanpai!”

Get to know more about WordPress and his quests on various drinks here!


Order The Bible of WordPress Plugins Development here!


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