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Month: June 2014 (page 1 of 6)

Trends in Front-end Programming

The web is endlessly transforming and front-end developers need to be on top of their game by adapting to this quick web evolution.


It sure takes time to get accustomed to the new stuff you can practice and work on, and striving to achieve the latest front-end programming trends could be quite a challenge.

Designer and CSS-Tricks writer, Chris Coyier shares his presentation slides on “How to Stay Up-to-date on Web Stuff” where you can get the freshest news for front-end development.

Another good one for front-end development resources is GitHub. Check their page and see the complete list they’ve compiled.

Learning (or improving) programming language skills in 2013 might possibly not be finished until now, but this 2014, there are new programming languages that we should look closely on. As mentioned before, the web is pretty quick in its transformation.

Check out the differences between programming languages to learn in 2013 and 2014 by Craig Buckler. You can always make some research online and be updated of the latest trends!

After all….




Why We’re All Waiting for the iOS 8 – WWDC 2014

iOS 8 Refined Notification Center 

You’re using an app at the moment and someone sends you a message. Normally, we would close the app to respond to a message, then get back to the closed app once again. With iOS 8 interactive notification, you do not have to leave the app you are currently in. Simply pull down the menu to reply.

My screen is locked. Now what?

Of course it works on a locked screen! No need to unlock the screen, just simply swipe the screen across and deal with the buttons shown. It’s that convenient!


Why We’re All Waiting for the iOS 8

Flicking & Flagging

Message & Mail Enhancements on iOS8 

With one quick flick, swipe or drag, you can delete, mark messages / flag messages (to remind you to get back to it later on), respond, access other mail on inbox (while composing a message currently). They’re all handy and cool at the same time!


QuickType Keyboard 

“Predictive Typing Suggestions” appear as you type and it becomes easier, plus it saves time. For instance someone asks you: “Do you want to go to a movie or a park?”

Since iOS 8 is very smart, it already gives you a suggestion on what to say: movie, park, or not sure. 


Questioning Privacy 

All the iOS 8 learning is just “local to your device and none of your keystrokes leave the device,” Senior Vice President and presenter Craig Federighi says.

With Group Messaging Enhancements, You Can:

Name thread, Add & remove, Do Not Disturb, Leave thread

From the demo, one really easy way to respond to group messaging is to type a message and send, or you can reply with a video, photo, or voice message.

With the voice message feature, you can simply hold the mic button and start speaking. The other one is to raise the phone up to your ear and start speaking, put the phone down and it is sent automatically. This definitely got the crowd cheering! 


MORE Impressive Stuff 


  • Enterprise 
  • iCloud Drive
  • HealthKit 
  • Family Sharing – share photos, ebooks, films, songs, and games with your family. If a family member has it, you don’t need to purchase it. Simply share it.
  • Just say “Hey Siri” and talk to Siri without the need to touch your phone, you can also purchase something on iTunes within Siri. 


  • Photos (photo editing, etc. shown on the demo for various devices)

Here’s a short breakdown for the iCloud Storage: For your first 5GB, it’s absolutely free, and for 20GB and up, applicable fees will apply.


Not only for the iPhone or the iPad, but it’s also really exciting on what’s coming soon on Mac! So we should all watch out for that!

Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference June 2 – 6, 2014) is the event that we will always remember in the history of technology.

Built on the design of iOS 7, SAY HELLO to iOS 8! 


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 16.07.17

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In our short article today, we will highlight the difference between AMIMOTO and AMIMOTO_RHEL.

Latest Version: 1.2 1.1
Base Operating System: Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2014.03 Linux/Unix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4
Delivery Method: 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
Required AWS Services: Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS
Available on AWS Marketplace Since: 10/21/2013 12/23/2013
Free Tier Eligibility: YES. EC2 charges for Micro instances are free for up to 750 hours a month if you qualify for the AWS Free Tier. NO.
Hourly Fees: Total hourly fees will vary by instance type and EC2 region. Total hourly fees will vary by instance type and EC2 region.
EBS Storage Fees: $0.08 / GB / Month for EBS Magnetic Storage $0.085 / GB / Month for EBS Magnetic Storage

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