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Mautic Powered by AMIAGE 1.2 Release

Mautic is a marketing automation software that is customizable for your personal or business needs.

It allows users to create campaigns through social, web or email to track customer engagement patterns. Mautic can also be integrated with third party email and social tools.


This September, Mautic won the 2015 best open source software awards. They also  released version 1.2 with four new features:

  • Monitored Email
  • Lead Tagging
  • Lead List
  • Webhooks


A few days ago, we at DigitalCube, released Mautic Powered by AMIAGE 1.2 at AWS Marketplace.


  • Automated marketing. Market with ease and efficiency with an automatic and customizable platform.
  • Tracking. Keep track of your leads, calendar and events to maintain organized schedule and tasks.
  • Data analysis report. Use the data gathered to improve your marketing technique.
  • Available in 9 Global Regions. Choose from N. Virginia, Oregon, N. California, Frankfurt, Ireland, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Sao Paulo!
  • Support. Our team will correspond to your inquiry by mail.
  • 14-Day Free Trial. Once your 14 days free trial expires, you can continue with an hourly or annual subscription.


Mautic Powered by AMIAGE User Guide 
Mautic Documentation

Chef Server 11 HVM Updates


Chef Server acts as the hub for configuration data.

It stores cookbooks, policies (applied to nodes), and metadata (describing every registered node managed by the chef-client).

To ask Chef Server for recipes, templates, file distributions and other configuration details, the chef-client is used by nodes.

Configuration work on the nodes is done by chef-client and not by the Chef Server. This type of approach is scalable, making the configuration effort distributed all throughout the organization.



What’s New

July 15, 2015: Today we launched Chef Server 11 (HVM) version 11.1.7 at AWS Marketplace.

OS: Amazon Linux 2015.03 officially provided by AWS.

Chef Client Version: Chef-DK latest version (version 0.6.2-1) is installed, which includes chef-client 11.x at the beginning and registered as a Node of Chef-Server.


New Instances

EC2 instance type Purpose Compute Units (ECU) Memory Cores *Price/hour
t2.large development environment, db apps, web servers, for occasional burst* 2 units (burstable) 8 GB 2 cores $0.15
c4.large provides enhanced networking for higher packet per second (PPS) performance, lower network jitter, lower network latency 8 units 3.75 GB 2 cores $0.13
m4.large balance of compute, memory, network resources 6.5 units 8 GB 2 cores $0.17

*Price varies per region

Chef Server 11 (HVM) full price list

User Guide on GitHub

*Burstable instances provides baseline CPU performance level and the ability to burst over the baseline. These instances are T2 family, M3, C3 and R3, which are all available in Chef Server 11 HVM. Launch them in any 9 global regions per hour.

OAuth2 setup: Simple GA Ranking Plugin

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.37.07

Authored by horike and megumithemes, Simple GA Ranking is a ranking plugin using data from Google Analytics.

It’s also one of the default pre-installed plugins in all WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO. Watch the short clip below on how to set up OAuth2 in Simple GA Ranking.

Help improve this plugin by sharing your thoughts about it and how you setup OAuth2. Simple GA Ranking is currently available in 3 languages. Notify the authors if you localize it in your language.

Download Simple GA Ranking here. It’s free!

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