Before JAWS-UG panel discussion, free Red Bulls were given away at the event and the result was highly energetic!


We love Japan! Check these videos and see why these two presentations are our favorites.


Dr. Werner Vogels was provided an audio receiver where he can listen to the English translation of the following presentations:


Super Vibrant Presentation by Ogushi Hajime-Megane 



Funny and Hyper Presentation: BaaS on AWS by Takayuki Shimizu

Quiz Time! 

The dynamic presentations were followed by another super perky quiz. This is something like we see on Japanese TV shows. It’s way too incredible that it engages anyone to join, even those who cannot understand the language.



Let’s practice! 



The final round






Ultra delicious JAWS-UG Candy 

and the best prize of all…

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 15.01.03

Las Vegas!