The web is endlessly transforming and front-end developers need to be on top of their game by adapting to this quick web evolution.


It sure takes time to get accustomed to the new stuff you can practice and work on, and striving to achieve the latest front-end programming trends could be quite a challenge.

Designer and CSS-Tricks writer, Chris Coyier shares his presentation slides on “How to Stay Up-to-date on Web Stuff” where you can get the freshest news for front-end development.

Another good one for front-end development resources is GitHub. Check their page and see the complete list they’ve compiled.

Learning (or improving) programming language skills in 2013 might possibly not be finished until now, but this 2014, there are new programming languages that we should look closely on. As mentioned before, the web is pretty quick in its transformation.

Check out the differences between programming languages to learn in 2013 and 2014 by Craig Buckler. You can always make some research online and be updated of the latest trends!

After all….