DKAN is an open source, open data platform that is modelled on CKAN. It is used by organizations for easy sharing of data to the public.

DigitalCube provides DKAN cloud-based Hosting: DKAN (Powered by AMIAGE) at AWS Marketplace.

It is newly-updated (v 7.x-1.12.5-1) and is available at 11 global data centers (N. Virginia, Oregon, N. California, Frankfurt, Ireland, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sao Paulo).

DKAN includes data and content management cataloging, publishing and visualisation through spreadsheets, text documents and maps.


Getting started is simple. Login to your AWS marketplace account and search for DKAN Powered by AMIAGE.

Select your size of your instance server, and select from any of the 11 datacenters where you would like to deploy it.
Go to AWS Dashboard, copy the Public DNS and paste to your browser (the initializing step may take about 5-10 minutes), then you will see the AMIAGE welcome screen:

Enter the instance ID and click next step.

Try DKAN Powered by AMIAGE FREE for 7 days.