This upcoming weekend will definitely be a cool one. It’s WordCamp Krakow 2015!!!

This massive event will gather hundreds of participants all over the country – where some would be flying from thousands of miles away just to be in this occasion. With that event also comes Contributor Day followed by AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services Hands-on!


The list is long when it comes to WordPress groups and Amazon Web Services communities around the world.

USA is first on the list currently with 57 AWS User Groups, followed by Japan with 54.
On the other hand, Poland has user groups around Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan and Katowice.

What we did in AMIMOTO is combined these two together and formed WordPress + Amazon Web Services.
This is possibly the first WordPress + Amazon Web Services group formed in the world. And we have these groups in Japan, Singapore and now in Europe.

WordPress + Amazon Web Services

These are entirely two different platforms, but when combined together, creates an awesome pair.
What we did in AMIMOTO is married these two and the results are incredibly rewarding.

We’d like to take the opportunity in WordCamp Krakow Contributor Day to share to WordPress users and businesses how we scaled up our company with WordPress and Amazon Web Services.

What You’ll Learn

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This hands-on is often done in Japan, once in Singapore (with another one coming very soon!) and this is the very first in Europe.

In this workshop, everyone’s required to have a new Amazon Web Services account to fully experience the hands-on and learn these:

  • Why WordPress and Amazon Web Services
  • What is AMIMOTO
  • HHVM performance tests
  • Basic to complicated site issues and the solutions by AMIMOTO WordPress + AWS
  • How to: EC2 Instance Selection
  • What you can do with your WordPress on AWS
  • AWS Dashboard familiarization
  • How to manage database when your WordPress is on AMIMOTO
  • Launching WordPress on AWS
  • Scaling up & down of instances
  • Route53
  • Stopping & Terminating Instances

You can use these information to solve issues, help boost the performance of your sites and a lot more!

Sign up for AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services from any of the following: