Being new to Japan, I have a lot to discover about the toilets and it keeps on surprising me every time!

Last Saturday (WordCamp Kansai 2014), I met Matt and mentioned that I just moved to Japan a few weeks ago, and even had a good laugh about these cool things in Japan that we don’t have in our countries. I told him about my experience with Japanese washing machine and toilets, and he had the same experience also (except for the washing machine part)!


The first one I saw looks like this:


I didn’t even dare touch the toilet buttons since if something strange happens I think no one would be able to help me out.



I like the “real flush” because the water from the faucet will fill up the tank and at the same time, you can wash your hands! Water conservation! Woohoo!

Maybe you’re wondering why I call it the “real flush”. I will tell you more in a little bit.


Why Toilets Have “Flushing Sounds” But Don’t Really Flush

I saw another kind that has fewer buttons, plus on a bright side, it has Roman letters so I was quite excited to try all of them!

I must admit that I was a little worried of something strange that might happen because I know there will be…


I asked my male colleagues why toilets have flushing sounds, but don’t really flush. They said they don’t have such “toilet feature” in the men’s room.

They guessed that the reason why women’s toilets are designed like this is because they are “moji-moji,” meaning “shy” in English.

What will happen if I click the “flushing sound” button?

It doesn’t flush! I thought that if I push that button it will flush and at the same time make a sound. Then I realized it’s only a sound effect. I can’t stop laughing inside that cubicle!

I think this “flushing sound” is clever. It simply masks the sound that’s going on inside, but experiencing that for the first time was quite odd. I thought the toilet was broken!

And sometimes I push that button and forget that it is only for sounds, but after a few weeks of being here, I guess I’m getting used to it.

Are there other sounds? Like birds chirping or maybe POP songs? 

Well so far, I’ve only seen 3 toilets with flushing sounds. We never know, maybe they already have these other fancy features! In any case, this is Japan. Nothing is impossible!