WordCamp 2014 Kansai inspiring speech (Japanese Version) by our very own CEO, Hiromichi Koga

What we over it? Over whether learned from WordPress


Hello. Matt founder of WordPress, and you love it, it is a great honor to be present during WordCamp with this today. Since I am quite shy of To tell you the truth, really is the feeling that you want to run away and take a lot of eyes turned up on stage as this.

I will introduce three stories I myself learned from WordPress to you today. That’s it. Who cares? Thing, it is only three.

The first story, is the story of the encounter of WordPress and encounter, of open source with me.

PART 1. OpenSource & WordPress

I was working in management at a major hamburger restaurant with about 15 years ago. I left the company and from working for about almost four years.

Every day was a work hard both mentally and physically, but it was to the best environment to learn in practical science and management marketing has been successful on a global scale,

You can analyze the information in the opening GPS, year-on-year report of 30 units, can sales forecasting and ordering predicted from past data in conjunction with the POS data. I’ve been incorporating technology that allows marketing management in real-time while performing big data analysis to say now already 15 years ago.

Evaluation had been popular with its own way to our part-time staff enrolled boss and co-workers, several hundred people.

Well, I started out of one’s line of business Web Why quit? It becomes a case where I’m it comes to, I will talk dates back to school days of it.

A student, a leader in the outdoor club, I had spent in outdoor activities most of the four-year holiday that is enrolled.

Members danger of life was side-by-side at all times, and I had also be together like mountain traverse, the homeless over a period of several weeks in a team of dozens of people during the long vacation so act against nature unity was loved club strong.

However, there is a need to raise Buhi by submitting to school achievement To go survived the club, in their maintenance or purchase the equipment to protect the safety if it can not raise Buhi, as I thought it will fall into itself that can not survive club activities because it is situation would be to cover all, part-time job that was organized in long vacation can not be.

Thus, a method of breakthrough announcement that we came up with is, Listings and activities activity plan Web site was still rare at that time in the (home page). It was a public presentation of long-term camp. This idea leads to that to survive more than 20 years then the club in our success. I now how the activities can be obtained and evaluated. It was decided as a result, to experience the possibility of communication on the net that I understand any HTML, but to understand the mechanism of the Web server to use as text chat to say now the bulletin board .



This was the meeting of the Web with me. After graduating, I’m not serve hamburger chain,

Management and marketing’s the standard of the world’s highest mountain has a great text or manual, but there is only one PC in the workplace yet I felt stress anyway, shared. Specs is low, use the time to horribly processing of data daily, and seemed to forget the original purpose.

Of course, there is no reason to marketing in an efficient manner using the Web and e-Mail can also be expanded, that I can realize the idea was that of planning about the coupon and local production of promotional materials in PowerPoint .

By the time three years have passed from the stress you do not try out the idea he wanted, I could not see any value in the job anymore. I had no idea to me what I can do besides work this, and no idea or a thing that can be achieved by chance to find it is to change jobs.

However, because there was a conviction he had experienced as a student, new marketing using the Internet and the Web site is to be interesting the business, we decided to retire to believe that it would all work out OK.

It was pretty scary at the time in fact to say so.

Just looking back with this now, it was one of life best decision. I mean you have all day surfing the net from the moment it became unemployed and retired, check what business to be deployed websites and online content, the Web seems to be interesting is whether the mechanism, who haphazardly, or not even on their own in too because I mean not to be disturbed.

On the other hand life was the worst. Revenue is zero because you have not worked at all, and it has lingered all the way to order coffee and potato in the morning on a daily basis in the hamburger chain life of only a waste of savings that was not a little, that should have been left on the sick directly below.

When I was troubled to where you live savings even with the bottom top it off, I had been married to ask her you were dating. 🙂 To be Shirinishikareru life has been determined so (

However, it results thus dictates of intuition and their interests, and facing all the time and the Internet, we will know the wonderful world of open source, and it was met in WordPress above all, 180 degrees life I’m getting something of value that has changed.

We are going to talk about specific one.



I think at that time in 2005, to be employed in business actively open source applications, towards the recognition that the act of a risk it was probably overwhelming majority. I saw a good opinion to say that it can not be used “of responsibility is not clear,” such thing as fear when “not clear anyone is making” of emergency in the “free” That’s what.

However, if you use correctly the open source, can be dramatically improved skill, speed and cost efficiency, more than anything else, when you came up with a good idea, and that can be modified at the discretion of their own “free” is the best I and I decided to do because I felt attractive, “business How can open source?” Try to entrepreneurship what if.

However, because it is only penniless, it was considered the easiest way for me to earn income hasten it was to the proposal to have them make the marketing by providing a website for small businesses.

Starting from operating activities and just try to practice, meetings that I visited many times. Work of production is I start work is doing to determine finally, but we must code page by page diligently using the software. It is a good experience for me amateur no better than, you must follow it with this in less cost was impossible, and since the time of a few months is such an environment that can be utilized for business is intent on until you are ready to give up immediately I have.

It is these things are just that it can occur in the field of practice that none undertake Web production.

So, Become a stage dream up ideas to shortcut the process considerably, experience in the hamburger chain has been revived in me whole.

My image “Website Design in drive-through sensation”

And say what it means, and features useful pre-design parts, authors, providing a model of the home page content was set afterward. The only provision of selection and logo template set to the customer. Meeting unnecessary Web application also accepted. Complete fix the appearance in a few days from the order at a cost of several tens of thousand yen. The update of the possible content in DIY according to the manual after completion.

Then, open source is the best it was a WordPress in order to realize this idea.

How the plug-in and theme, if there were no useful features content that can be updated in amateur above all, it would not be realized idea cost performance is good in the speedy simple overwhelmingly called “drive-through sensation” and,

I think my company is currently deployed, hosting services using the AMI of AWS services and related WordPress also did not exist.

There is a story one of the person I respect, Steve Jobs called “CONNECTING DOTS”, but the lesson that “will lead to one always somewhere in life that the dots will come of their own,” he says As, also experience and skills not what my pulse is also substantially, I feel like went led to that circulates to each other and WordPress open source In retrospect has been.

Similarly, when you look back someday that it has joined the WordCamp Kansai today becomes the point, everyone is good when it comes to this day has great implications.

The second story is the story surrounding ecosystem and community.

PART 4. Community & Ecosystem


I was lucky. I had been able to be incorporated into the Web site of the CMS production by taking advantage from an early stage WordPress.

CodePoet was published for the first time as a company in Asia to directory of WordPress Consultant that also, it was around 2008 of about two years after I started using WordPress. This has been the staff of four people, is to be made ​​a living somehow make WordPress themes work and frantically including me at that time.

However, enough to increase work of WordPress, the more among my, the people who have contributed a free plug-in development and translated in the community, always
you have a “feel that bites back finger”, honest community The people, it was thought somewhere in mind that there is no Aitaku It is true.

To WordCamp Tokyo 2009, news that Matt is coming to Japan will contain these circumstances. No chance and twice that I could see Matt is the founder.
At the same I have made ​​the resolution of one in exchange. I think it was a feeling like that “will apologize if you angry people in the community.”

WordPress may seem When you have a business using it why? Probably GPL to be? Bites from being “behind finger”, but is a matter of feeling short.

My company’s able to work in WordPress is, you are made up on the people who are the development and translation at no charge, I went well managed by using only the fruit. But I can not contribute anything.

It is that.

Moreover, when it cut off my company because it was the state that does not hold without WordPress already, and anxiety that if I and staff also eliminated even try It was.

That made ​​ready to leave to one step forward, WordCamp Tokyo 2009 applied for a Lightning talk, when the podium was decided, I was feeling run away hiding that also no longer be done in this.

When I heard “among the members gather in WordCampTokyo, people are want to talk with me also have” and to Nao’s in meet-up in the Kansai region, which was held the day before, just the thought honestly as “. Na finished” were.

In the form of the worst, you do not go to see a rock star of the WordPress community, just only apologize as this. It is thought about seriously also be leaving the WordPress If nothing trying to do.

However, fear that among the inspired speech of Plenty including Matt and participate in WordCamp, to take each and every communication, it was carrying disappears, that I am likely able to contribute a little bit at a time were beginning to appear.

A short, but not enough to give back The thing that development and the translation now.

But I can tell the wonders of values ​​and open source WordPress, making the ecosystem that can contribute on an ongoing basis and developers community, it, etc. to provide services and environment capable of introducing companies and organizations in peace, what if ” I have rather strong feelings of the original intention that business, “How can an open source.

It’s unforgettable, it was to have spoken at the end of the last “Welcome to the seemingly contradictory world of business and community. Let’s work hard each other from now on” and to Kuraishi, who are responsible for developing multi-byte patch.

And I did not see clearly the feeling of relief at that time, but the opportunity to co-workers and colleagues can take to communicate with ease before long more, I myself became a while to host a WordCamp is held,

I think WordCamp you jumped to the courage it was a turning point.

By Discard the “guilty”, to understand WordPress draws a “free”, and continue to participate in the huge ecosystem,
to make the team a community-driven, can be introduced companies to ease the WordPress, I continued I can affirm that it was able to take a step in the development of services to operational.

In addition, mice and wondering why developers and translators has joined the team and my company, was because of a strong feeling that want to help and developers Konyuniti that everyone on the team is supporting the WordPess.

Among the people of your collection today, if you are feeling uneasy about it or are afraid to participate in the community personally and deeply involved with the open source community as a company if, staff and speakers courage Please try to talk to. I feel that age “better idea to realize the community-driven” thing becomes commonplace, and is coming there soon.

The third story is about the life and ways of working.



Since its inception, our team has become the default remote work for about 10 years.

To work by using the open source WordPress or leads to clues to introduce the work of remote “way of working”.

There are advantages and disadvantages for remote work, but I can say I feel remote work, environment-prone products and services expertise with high value-added high and can be the case of companies that are based on open source .
For example, Automattic , 37signals , GitHub enterprise open source native and has been successful by remote work.

That the majority of our work can be solved by leading to the Internet is increasing more and more.

I’d like to think one, but co-workers and boss last week, has been working in the same office in a week, and the staff in the same the same department or floor other, it would have taken the communication to business hours really? Will it was not a tavern about business contact meetings and, of work after the specified perhaps?

Rather, the people more of communication in the SNS with the family and friends that are taking a long time communication does not have any or many?

In fact, if you take in a remote work, we create an environment that while using as appropriate the right tools for the purpose, can always smooth communication.

So, is that they do not feel the loneliness of the work.

I think that will be sharing the information more and more work in the same workplace has become so open so that you can access at any time necessary rather information is shared, and if you are being kept in communication with the cover.

By to center and open source WordPress, you can increase the productivity of the work, even while working at the time that suits you and place that suits you.

In addition, I believe that by increasing the time to spend with family and friends, give birth to and encounters more experience, it will become to it to enrich your life.



When I started this business at the age of 30, one that has established two rules is “quit once in ’10,” another is referred to as “doing business in the open source”. When it is said why it was decided such a rule, is the basic “Akisho” or I am “impatient”.

It was felt that “the work” is difficult honest in this business only the life of one-time for me like that. However, I did not want to and will give up and get bored too soon “way of working”.

I think for everyone, for the money? What to earn By “that work”, and there are various purpose … to realize what it is you want.

that only I know is that I hope, “I want to be happy” in the time given by finite life. I think one way to get that happiness is he a “way of working”.

The “thing to work (purpose)” is, I think “how to work it (means)” and it can be the best performance and creativity by using the open source WordPress or for me.

of Dan Pink on the famous story to it to link “The puzzle of motivation” There is a presentation of TED that, but rather it in “motivation external” is a high-quality work in the “modern society” motivation internal in the experimental result that “was due” is told.

Indeed, community WordPress and is made up by “internal motivation”. It may be said that it has become a mechanism to learn in practice the “way of working get the best performance and creativity” with nature By joining there.

I believe adopting such a way of working with “internal motivation” is becomes very important to come. And it is the environment in which companies and private individuals in a small capital can feel free to challenge the idea more and more by the spread of cloud services such as AWS.

It is thought according to which business models and companies using open source software such as WordPress seeking scalability and speed of service development is wide-ranging, and will increasingly influence.

Without corresponding to the game change of technology, to fragment the experience and skills, to participate in the open source community to a way of working that can show the best performance is not to lead to great surely career paths Will.

PART 7. All We Really Need to Know We Have Learned from WordPress.

Here is a summary that you have to talk today at the end.

  1. Experience who participated in WordCamp Kansai today might change your life.
  2. Era that it is possible to realize a community driven ideas are coming.
  3. Open source will be career paths of life by enriching the way of working.

Or more

Thank you all!