AMIMOTO announced last week that a 14-Day Free Trial is now available for WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) and here are some FAQ:

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How many HHVM instances can I launch? 


What instance types are free to launch?

Only t2.micro.

Can I launch one instance for every region?

Yes, you may launch as many instances as you want in all 9 Global Regions, but it’s not free. What’s free is one t2.micro instance in one region only.

Is AMIMOTO HHVM Free Trial 100% free? 

Yes. AMIMOTO HHVM (software) hourly subscription is 100% free. However, AWS infrastructure charges will still apply unless your AWS account is eligible on Free Tier. Annual subscriptions to AMIMOTO HHVM may only be purchased.

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What happens after the 14-Day Free Trial?

Once the 14-Day Free Trial expires, it will automatically convert to a paid per hour subscription.

To avoid it from converting automatically to paid version, terminate your instance before expiration or on the last day of the free trial period.

If my AWS account is eligible for free tier and I use AMIMOTO HHVM free trial, then I will not pay for anything at all? 

Yes. Users eligible for AWS Free Tier who subscribe to AMIMOTO HHVM will not pay on the condition that they launch AWS resources that are covered by the Free Tier, such as one t2.micro instance per month.

After the 14th day being subscribed to AMIMOTO HHVM, users will then start paying the normal subscription charges, but will not pay for the resources that are covered by the AWS Free Tier.

If an AWS account is not eligible for free tier, but has AWS Promo Credit, will the user still pay for anything? 

If the user has AWS promotional credits that apply to the EC2 and EBS services, then the charges will be deducted from their AWS promotional credits. Keep in mind that AMIMOTO HHVM is only available for a 14-day free trial, and the user will incur subscription charges once they exceed the 14-day time frame.

How will I be eligible for AWS free tier? 

When you sign up for a new AWS account, you will be eligible for AWS free tier.

AWS Free Tier list

Will I be charged if I launch another instance after the 14-day free trial? 

Yes. Each user is only eligible for one Free Trial subscription per product. So if the user terminates the subscription to AMIMOTO HHVM on the last day of the Free Trial and launches it again, they will pay for the second subscription.

Note that subscription charges for AWS Marketplace products are separate from normal AWS infrastructure charges.

Hands-On Tips:

Here are upcoming “AMIMOTO WordPress on AWS Hands-on” this year:

This type of event is for the community and for users of all tech levels. This workshop lets users launch WordPress on AWS on their own.

AMIMOTO HHVM is perfect for hands-on participants to launch since it’s on a free trial period. For workshops like these, we suggest you create a new AWS account (free tier eligible: e.g. EC2, EBS) so AWS infrastructure fees will not apply.

Launch a WordPress site in AMIMOTO HHVM free for 14 days