WP-D Fes is an interesting event in Japan held last 22nd of February in Tokyo. It was then followed by another one in Osaka just last weekend, March 7.

It gathers developers, designers, programmers, tech staff, freelancers, business owners and users alike. This is one of those events where you get to meet and greet fellow tech folks and learn the tips and tricks from the pros.

Talks range from topics like CMS, Project Management tools, Adobe Mobile App, web development, design, command line tools, gulp, grunt, git, and so on.

Our latest service, Media Assembly Kit, was also presented during the sponsor session.


Everyone’s full of energy at this event. After the talk sessions, drinks were raised, and when “kanpai” was said, you’ll know that the curtains of the after-party has officially opened.


Photo credit: WP-D

There were games at the after-party, followed by the awaited lightning talk tournament. Topics for this quick battle include LESS, wordmove, Wocker, webcomponents, etc.

Apart from social gathering, presents were given away and an exclusive hip-hop rap also took place on the dance floor. Fantastic!

This is the kind of event where you learn new stuff, have fun, meet old friends and make new ones. Thank you, WP-D Fes for this occasion, and for having Media Assembly Kit.

Media Assembly Kit is a service that provides a platform for hassle-free web media operation.

The Content Management side is by WordPress, with Amimoto AMI as the high performance cloud host.

View the full features here.