Here are some plugin questions that we’ve received at the AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services for ALL Tech Levels Hands-On: 

What plugins are included upon WP Amimoto install? 

The default plugins of WordPress like Hello Dolly come upon installation. We have also added developer-friendly plugins and plugins for performance and security:

All plugins are inactive at this point, so you have to activate them. You may also add other plugins to your site. Check out the AMIMOTO Performance Page. 

Do I really need these plugins for my site? 

You have the freedom to activate them or otherwise. We recommend these plugins simply to extend the functionality of your WordPress site. We also have first-hand experiences with these plugins.

What happens to the plugins when I upgrade WordPress powered by AMIMOTO to the latest version?

Plugins have to be maintained, and some of them are even actively maintained on GitHub or elsewhere. Maintenance is the job of the plugin authors, and it’s done to ensure that when users update, these plugins will still be compatible to the latest version of WordPress and will still work as expected.

Do you make premium plugins? 

We currently have 80 FREE plugins compiled here in our WordPress Community Contributions Page. We have one premium plugin so far, which is WP Booster CDN Client.

If your site is hosted by AMIMOTO AMI, WP Booster CDN Client plugin is free.

However, if you install it separately (like on a non-AMIMOTO hosted site), this is charged, but if you’re using it for the first time, you get 100 points upon sign up.

For first time users, free 100 points is given away (equivalent to 2.25 GB) for everyone to experience WP Booster CDN.

Check this post for more details: WP Booster CDN Plugin  or visit the WP Booster CDN Page.