Amimoto is one of DigitalCube’s services focusing on WordPress cloud hosting. It was first made available at the AWS Marketplace in 2013 (Amimoto PVM), succeeded by Amimoto HVM in 2014.

Official Launch: AMIMOTO HHVM

Since its launch, it has served several thousands of sites around the globe running on Amimoto servers and here are some of them:


Academic Institutions

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School web pages generate a lot of traffic, with the usual case of sudden surge especially when new projects or school events are posted.

Amimoto EC2 instances provide flexible performance that scale up to meet high traffic demands, and scale down after a spike maintaining high speed delivery at any time of the day.

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Large-scale Media Sites 

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Videos and images are highly valuable for marketing, campaign and ads. Sites having hundreds or even thousands of HD videos, images, and audio are supported in Amimoto hosting.

Known for being elastic, even sudden spikes occur, the site will not slow down despite of thousands of media data. With WP Booster CDN, images are delivered at lightning speed. With 46 Global Edge Network, it delivers contents faster by communicating to a web browser’s nearest server.

Amimoto’s storage options are S3 and EBS (Elastic Block Storage). EBS is up to 16TB storage capacity which is equivalent to over 5 Million+ HD photos, 1Million+ songs and thousands of DVD films (2 hours+ each clip). And with S3, sky’s the limit.

With this type of cloud storage, pages with video channels, extra large photo galleries, and podcasts are able to enjoy the freedom of uploading anything to their sites.

Amimoto cloud hosting being backed by one of the most powerful cloud storage, our clients can have a truly liberating experience with limitless media files they can share.


Company Sites

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Security is one of the key features of Amimoto. Business sites with confidential data are secured. Public posts like press releases are separated from company-exclusive news, with the ability to manage multiple writers for the company. Each writer has a password that eliminates password sharing. Various users can also have different roles and the admin can apply management restriction among users with what they can access or do to the site.

Sites powered by Amimoto have real-time monitoring and automatic backup, keeping all data safe and sound, even in times of disaster.


Global Sites  

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Amimoto takes advantage of the 8 global data centers, making sure that clients wishing to reach out to other countries can receive the optimum performance for their sites.

Global companies usually have foreign employees, and their several content writers may switch languages on the site, so articles will be shown in diverse locales. Multilingual sites like these absolutely go global and reach more potential clients anywhere in the world.


Huge Enterprises 

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Amimoto is built for speed, security and simplicity that’s why massive corporations choose this reliable cloud host. With Deep Security (DSaaS) and VPC options, clients can choose to add layers of network security.

With worldwide data centers, delivery of contents are at hyper speed, enabling international companies to have a wider client scope, with a perfect opportunity to join the global market.


Blogs, etc.

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Amimoto can be shared hosting or VPS, where users have options for Self-hosting or Managed Hosting. Be in control of the cost with a pay-as-you-go system, or flat rate.

Amimoto WordPress Cloud Hosting is for sites of all sizes with different purposes – from blogs to company sites, and to massive enterprises. You can have one or multiple Amimoto instances in any or all data centers worldwide.

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One example of blog site on Amimoto is that of Mazda’s. Amimoto is Mazda’s WordPress cloud host of choice for their official blog. Recently, Mazda and Amimoto were featured on Amazon Web Services User Cases.

Read Mazda’s User Case here: Mazda Runs on WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO

Sites that run on Amimoto servers are in for a real treat. Any webpage can have a broad potential because it is secure and user-friendly.

Go global in minutes and take advantage of the ability to be multilingual, manage multiple writers and enjoy no boundaries on what and how much contents you can share online.