We believe anyone has the right to have beautiful websites.

Today we are officially adding Media Assembly Kit to our collection of services launched this January 2015.

Media Assembly Kit is a premium theme developed for easy customization of your sites.  Whether you’re using PC or mobile, you can design it smartly and beautifully.

Clean lines, crisp colors, clear images, etc. Have fun personalizing it the way you want it.

Get more in control of your site’s business aspect and social side with custom settings to suit any style and taste.


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This four-in-one kit comes with: WordPress, Amimoto AMI managed hosting services, Media Framework and Technical Support. JSON template and recommended plugins are also included.


Amimoto AMI Managed Hosting 

We anticipate the needs and wants of our clients, so we’ve developed Amimoto AMI to be your secure, speedy and highly reliable WordPress host.

So if you have a super large site, no worries! Let our Amimoto AMI managed hosting service handle that for you.


Media Assembly Kit Top Features 

  • Media Assembly Kit comes with WordPress JSON REST API. This little beauty lets you deploy contents to native apps or other platforms flexibly.
  • Contents obtained by Ajax are cached in Nginx Reverse Proxy Cache
  • Theme switching: The theme will be switched when you use a PC or smartphone
  • Assign multiple editors and writers with WordPress management functions (PHP experience not required)
  • Manage Ads with Google AdSense for every UA
  • Google Analytics


Media Assembly Kit has four plans for you to choose from. Choose a plan that’s best for your needs starting with how many PV you get a month.

All plans has an optional service you may wish to add, Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service. Regardless of what plan you use, our technical support team will be by your side.

Easily organize and manage things that matter to you most with Media Assembly Kit. We’d love to talk to you, so feel free to drop us a message here. 

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