The night before this speech, WordCampers, speakers and organizers all gathered together at the pub for its middle party. It was fun to see all of them again the next day, November 16.

WordCamp Polska is where I spoke for the first time, and I am very honored and thankful to share good vibes with you all.

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Following the speaker intro is something about Amimoto and DigitalCube – about the company’s ecosystem and its relationship with WordPress over the years.

When I first came to Japan, everything seems confusing, mainly because I don’t speak the language. Connecting WordPress to that, I am also not fluent in programming languages, and this made me feel overwhelmed at the beginning.

During my introduction to WordPress, I was intimidated of the “technical terms” and even scared to make a mistake. I was hesitating to click some buttons, as I think, perhaps I’ll delete some data.

When I saw some codes, my confusion heightened. I would compare the same feeling when I tried to operate a fancy equipment from Japan. Operating new and unfamiliar equipment is quite nerve-wracking, and I thought of the same thing about WordPress.

Originally, I found it to be really mind-boggling, but the good thing is, I was completely wrong; because the more I learn about WordPress, the more I see how user-friendly it really is. Because of this, now I got interested in learning about codes even though I do not have any computer-related degree.

This is where I discovered that I don’t have to be a developer or a programmer to work using WordPress.

Despite of living in Japan for some months now, I am still quite confused with some machines or equipment there, but at least WordPress is no longer in that list. What made me cross WordPress on the list are helpful sources like: Codex, wpuniversity,,, blogs, tutorials and help from WP pros.

I should say that the way these people (WP pros) I’ve met are really inspiring. When I ask a question, their approach to the matter is sincere and very passionate that intrigues me why they feel that way towards WordPress. This thing alone deeply gives me motivation to explore more about it.

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WordPress speaks to everyone regardless of their race, language or culture. I neither need translations nor sticky notes as guides to what WordPress buttons are.

Since there are both no complex user-manual and no confusing buttons, work is enjoyable and more efficient. Therefore, I’m thankful to WordPress which made me feel relieved and empowered and even helped me find solutions despite my confusion.