AWS re:Invent is one of the most anticipated events this year for AWS customers and partners. Even the entire JAWS-UG community is excited about this.

Various AWS events (such as the AWS Summit, etc.) always seem to have something new for everyone. Starting from the coolest booths to the awesome parties and music. You name it, it’s there. So no wonder that this occasion brings all sorts of people from all corners of the globe, making Las Vegas the AWS melting pot this year.

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So if you’ve never been to a re:Invent before, here’s a hint of what it’s like according to the words of AWS Senior VP, Andy Jassy:

“This conference is different from most of the technology conferences. This is not a sales and marketing conference. This is an education and learning conference.” 

Speakers, sponsors and participants could all attest to that, making this event a great learning experience for all.

It’s exciting that they announced seven of their most recent services that I’m sure we all can’t wait to try. Like the launch of “Aurora”, their fifth and latest DB engine is available through RDS. It’s currently available on its preview mode for now, but you can sign up anytime.

With a staggering number of over a million active clients in AWS, you could say that it’s getting even greater. Their products, together with the people behind their services evolve as well. So clients and end users grow together with AWS. And you it’s an honor to shape the future with these guys.

If you’re not in Las Vegas, you can still catch up with their keynotes through this live stream.