Just a day after WordCamp Europe, Matt posted “Five for the Future” on his blog. After which, posts emerged in response to Matt’s statement.

I would recommend reading Matt’s post first, followed by the responses made in relation to his idea. You will find these related posts at the bottom of Matt’s page. Not only that they are good reads, but they are also something that would give you a clearer view on “Five for the Future” and what others thought of it.

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“Contributor is someone who contributes something in order to provide or achieve something together with other people.”

“Five for the Future” was also brought up in WordCamp San Francisco last October 26, 2014. A lot of us are using WordPress, and some of the sites we bump into are created from it, which all in all makes up 23% of the web. 

Companies, non-profits, and individuals all benefit from WordPress, being open source. In order for something to survive, we should allot 5% of our knowledge or time, and together let’s grow with WordPress.


How to contribute? …but I’m not an engineer. 


Neither am I, (correct me if I’m wrong) but I believe that Matt and WordPress would not mind that at all. Contributing to WordPress does not have a rule. Each one of us can contribute in our own way. We don’t have to be engineers or developers to do so.

“It’s a big commitment, but I can’t think of a better long-term investment in the health of WordPress overall.” – Matt 

I always believe that there is graciousness in the world, and I don’t think it’s a “big commitment,” I think it’s just right that we give back to WordPress in our own way.

By writing blog posts you are contributing already. Using WordPress counts as a contribution too. You may also review themes or plugins if you like.

In GitHub you may find some books related to WordPress, and you can contribute even by correcting some typos. If speaking is your thing, that’s another way to help the community grow. It may be an inspiring talk, informative, and about techniques you know. You can organize and volunteer at WordCamps, it should be a good mix of fun and new learnings. The guidelines for organizing are here. 

If you’re keen on learning more on codes, there are a lot of resources online. Say hello to the world and visit forums or Codex. I’m sure a lot would love to help. If you find a solution, share it to the world. 

Nearly at the end of Matt’s “State of the Word”, he mentioned about contributing to WordPress. He said that “contributor is a title only you can give to yourself.” I think all of us deserve that title. Be proud that you’re a WordPress user, a WordPress contributor.