Moving into a new apartment in a new country with a totally different language is going to be an interesting story.

I have been here for a little over 2 weeks now, and at some point I needed to wash my clothes. Fortunately, there’s a washing machine in the apartment. Upon moving, I tried all the appliances to see if they are working. However, this washing machine is something I cannot operate.

Why is it not working?!

I plugged in the washing machine, turned on the faucet, but I wonder why the water is not coming out! So my guess was… there must be no water connection on that specific faucet. Until I finally lost some time figuring out how it works, yet nothing happened. My clothes still remained dirty.

The other day I got a call from a friend and I mentioned about my laundry issue. Luckily, he can speak and understand the language so I showed him the washing machine and helped me work it out!

So finally, after some translations and stickers, the washing machine looks like this now:


At first I did not know how all these buttons work, but after understanding it, I finally managed to do my laundry. Phew!

Everything is automatic!

I was amazed by how simple it really is! I need not turn the faucet on or anything. I just have to click start and then it will put water there by itself. All I had to do is wait for the alarm, then I am ready to hang the clothes. I enjoyed washing clothes so much that I threw in some more clothes that don’t even need cleaning!


After understanding the concept, all those challenges become simpler. Well, the past few days I wanted to learn about HTML then I saw something like this:

new new

Having no HTML knowledge at all, I almost backed out when I saw all those symbols. It all looks so complicated like a chemical equation.

But then I really want to face the challenge that I set to myself, so I found a great site to learn all about HTML. They made their introduction very catchy and despite of being far from a beginner, it made me feel like I can do it!

I just want to trust them when they said, “HTML is easy and fun!”

So I read everything line by line, not moving forward unless I understand all those terms and unless I manage to do all the activities from the lesson.

Today is my second day learning about HTML. I thought both my washing machine and HTML are complicated, but I was proven wrong. In fact, both of them are fun to do. I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction that I was able to do it.

I learned that anything will become easier if you set your mind to do it. And everything else will become clearer when you start understanding the language (applies to both HTML & Nihongo)!